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Remembering where charity and policing begins

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

We are proud to have provided ‘The Santaceptor’ with our cars again without fee, this year with our BMW Interceptor and our upcoming Volvo S90 along with uniform to raise funds for local charities in our hometown of Bury. The only bespoke police interceptor, designed for PC Claus to patrol the area whilst he checks his naughty list twice!! Claus also distributes chocolate selection boxes, donated from businesses who support the fundraiser, which PC Claus gives out to local children whilst collecting donations for this years beneficiary - Trinity Foodbank Radcliffe.

We worked with organisations including Tesco PLC, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service through December 2021 to raise £1390.47 for the local Foodbank. This now means that our support of the Santaceptor has raised a collective total of £3640.47 for Greater Manchester beneficiaries since 2020 and we are already discussing plans for Christmas 2022.

To enable this community project, we are extremely lucky to have had the continued cooperation of GMP Bury’s senior leadership who shares our ambition for community cohesion and building relationships between law enforcement and the community in addition to being proud of Bury being the home of Sir Robert Peel who founded modern policing in Britain.

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