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Can we party, Neil? Yes, we can!

The legendary voice of Bob the Builder and star of Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey hosted his annual 'birthday bash' at his Staffordshire pub on 16th July. The Stafford-born actor celebrated his 60th birthday on July 4th at his pub, the Plume of Feathers, in Barlaston.

He attended the Station Road pub on Saturday for the day-long summer party. The event started at midday and ran until late. The party started after Neil arrived on the back of a ‘Blood Bike’ operated by the events beneficiary charity, Midlands Freewheelers. It started with live music from 1 pm, culminating with a five-piece band's performance.

There was both a classic car and Bluelight vehicles show that featured a variety of privately-owned vehicles spanning the last seven decades, as well as a BBQ on a very hot and sunny weekend

In a post on Facebook, the Plume of Feathers said: "Happy 4th July not only to our American friends but also a happy birthday too for our boss Neil Morrissey. He can't wait to join us at the pub for the summer party on Saturday 16th July."

Neil grew up locally at the Plume of Feathers, in Stoke-on-Trent; his acting credits include Bob the Builder, Line of Duty and The Good Karma Hospital.

Neil was mesmerised at how high quality our Volvo S90 was compared to the vehicles he had worked with throughout his acting career and needed convincing that the Volvo was not an in-service police car.

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