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[Life] Partners in crime

It was quite an unusual request we received from Rupert at a leading event and Film hire company, Buddha Group, to see if we could assist him with a peculiar event. The client was in fact himself, and the event was his wedding day in March 2022.

After explaining how Rupert met and dated Kalli while both serving as special constables in Greater Manchester Police's Stockport division, he wanted to book three police cars and uniformed drivers to use as wedding transport on the private Knutsford, Cheshire based estate. One thing requested specifically is that the Police crests were temporarily replaced with GMP crests in tribute to the early days of their partnership, which we happily did for him.

We didn't quite realise until the wedding day that the bride, Kalli, was unaware of the vehicles requested from Buddha Group, luckily she was happy to see the wedding cars decorated in ribbons for the day!

Congrats Mr & Mrs Wakefield!!!

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