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A different “Metal” of fish

It was quite unusual to for us to visit a coastal region like Norfolk to film a music video, let alone for Lincoln based ‘heavy’ music band, Borders. We arrived on an Norwich industrial site and found a discreet filming set hidden in a warehouse unit.

Inside was a strange white room with the floors curving to the walls and ceiling, creating an uneasy sense of infinity! we provided the BMW 330D Police car and two uniformed officers for the music video, with the studio scenes being extremely loud with the live music echoing down the street and through the industrial estate, luckily there was a Screwfix on the estate to get some earplugs to prevent any hearing damage.

The scenes where shot inside the studio and outside on the private industrial site which are merged in editing to make it look as though the vocalist’s shots in the drivers seat taken from the studio are blended with our drivers action scenes which were filmed outside.

The music video was a breath of fresh air to do and a pleasant change for us working on a new music genre that we haven't worked on previously, enabling us to show that Action Media Hire is versatile and comfortable dealing with unfamiliar requests professionally, with us reaching all around the UK to help create high-quality media content.

View the full video on YouTube

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